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Can Solar Be Cheaper Than A Utility Bill?

Eco-Friendly Solar Power Starting @ $105/ Month

Why Solar?

Str8 Solar is a solar company that serves Austin and its surrounding areas. We strive to get our customers on 100% solar energy so they’re never solely dependent on the grid for their electricity.

Replace Your Bill with Revenue

Instead of your bill being a monthly expense, have it be a source of revenue by selling your extra solar energy to your electric company!

Locked-in Fixed Rate

You’ll never have to worry about watching the thermostat during the summer again!

Increase Your Home's Value

By going green and eliminating your electric bill, you can up your home’s price with no problem!

Texas Has Largest Need for Solar

Because of the intense heat and clear skies, Texas has the highest solar potential and biggest demand for electricity. With solar energy, you’ll have the sun cooling your house down at a low cost!

Water Conservation

Unlike the many other ways to generate electricity, solar energy doesn’t require any water to power it. With solar, you’re helping reduce the environmental burden on our water resources!



With Str8 Solar, you can have electricity running to your house even in a blackout or attack on your power grid! 

Why Str8 Solar?

Over 15 years of Experience

Our team has been working on commercial projects together for over 15 years, so there’s no project we can’t tackle!

Quick & Easy Install

We will handle everything from design to permitting to installation. Your solar energy system will be installed within 1-2 months, tops!

Full-Service Solar Company

Even after we install, we will still maintain and clean your solar panels. Not only that, we will service and fix any solar panels that other companies have done.

How Do I Get Started?


We will come and look at your home, starting with the roof condition, roof space, roof direction and shading.


Use your electric bill to see how much electricity you use on average.


Qualify your home.


Pay for your electric system or get you set up with a financing plan for a 10-25 year period.


Design a system built especially for your electric needs.


Set up an appointment and install your electric system.

Did you know?


Your homeowners association can’t prevent you from going solar.


Our panels are engineered in San Antonio,TX and are built to withstand hail and ice, and come with a 25-year production warranty.


Your solar energy system has a long-term price certainty (fixed rate), and will increase property value. Not only that, it’s tax exempt!


Even on rainy and cloudy days, your solar energy system still produces electricity. In fact, it can sometimes produce more than a normal, sunny day!

Types of Solar Energy Systems

Solar Alternatives

Covered Parking

Solar Pergolas

Ground Mounted

Solar Awning

And More!

Get The Solar You Need At An Affordable Price!


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